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Rumours within the online tech community are saying that the next iPhone to hit the market, the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5G, could be hitting the shelves earlier than its brand counterparts.
Rumours are suggesting that the iPhone 5 could hit the shops as early as March 2011 simply because of the problems that were faced by contract phone holders at the time of the release of the iPhone 4. The community boards are laying claim to the fact that an early iPhone 5 release date could improve the popularity of the proposed offering from Apple as they look to complete their five year plan. Although the message boards are alive with this rumour, it seems that the main reason is that they feel that an earlier release date for the handset would allow more users to be able to upgrade to the iPhone 5 as it would reduce the number of consumers who were mid contract at the time of the release date of the iPhone 4. The theory behind this seems to be completely flawed to say the least, simply due to the fact that mobile phone consumers are signing up to contracts all year round, so there would still be millions of people who would be unable to upgrade their current handset for the iPhone 5. Nice thought guys but not sure that we can expect the iPhone 5 release date to be earlier than the summer, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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