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In case you plan on getting a Verizon iPhone 4 come this February 10 well just have to warn you that this particular iOS device is a brand new Apple creation. Apple can address the exploit we were talking above with a hardware revision, and the iPhone 4 for Verizon is a exactly that, a newly constructed phone. The device has a new CDMA radio and a brand new external antenna, so we can logically assume Apple also took the time to prevent known jailbreaking exploits. If that turns out to be true, then well have to wait a while before a new exploit is used to jailbreak the CDMA iPhone 4.
Unix Computers

The real risk is people do not understand what iPhones are capable of, Kivilcim said. But [iPhones], Androids and modern Nokias are in a league of their own they are basically cut-down Unix computers with all the functionality of a laptop computer, but corporations are still considering them as just mobile phones.
Updates Getting Longer

You realize that as the time frame for jailbreaks between OS updates gets longer, the jailbreaks become irrelevant, right? Sure, its free because it becomes a real enterprise to jailbreak phones when they need to make timely releases, support the product, compete with others doing same, etc.. For example, the HotSpot feature is reportedly going to be included in 4, making the MyWi feature (a HUGE incentive to jailbreak) much less relevant, especially if Verizon includes the feature in their unlimited data plans of $30/mo. This jailbreaking stuff is becoming a circus in an effort for some to monetize the product, or for bragging rights, etc.. What it hasnt become is: professional.

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