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Apple patented a system for solar-based technologies that can be implemented on a portable device and cell phone. Looking ahead, a number of new Apple products is no longer powered by chemical energy or batteries, but alternative energy from sunlight.

Although solar-powered iPhone will take some time for commercial launches, probably still several years away. At least now there are interesting ideas or facts that say that Apple has patented the technology. Cs Steve Jobs Initiative is once again showing that Apples slowly-slowly managed to make a breakthrough by using alternative energy as a resource on mobile and tablet PCs in the future.

In addition, new patents Apple is also expected to remove the dependence of charging consumers through the power cord the next few years. Because the patent can be applied to various devices, including phones, laptops, tablet computers to large.

Tech Radar As reported, the principal aspect of the patent which has been approved by the Patent and Trademark Office in the United States (U.S.) this is the power control circuit located between the solar cells and battery. Indeed, it is still too early to say that all Apple gadgets will be based solar power. Apple itself still has not given its official comments related to this.

Technology-based solar power indeed was heavily developed various companies so thats nothing new to know the sun is used to power for electronic devices. But it seems Apples new, big companies then patent. So if this patent successfully developed into a commercial alternative energy for the iPhone or iPad next generation, this will become an important record in the field of solar technology.

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