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erizon iPhone 4, draining efforts on the part of rumormongers. Verizon iPhone reportedly coming after CES When we talk about iPhone Americas leading phone carrier Verizon comes to our mind.
Since iPhone surfaced there has been buzz in the industry that Verizon iPhone is on its way. The whole 2010 went by but Verizon iPhone never hit the stand. Many in the industry stopped taking it seriously. They thought it was just a rumor. But as many people girds up to celebrate the New Year reports have surfaced that Verizon iPhone is going to hit the stand in early January. It is understood that the most-talked about iPhone powered by the Verizon network would hit the stand sometime after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January. Bloomberg Businessweek was the first to report this story citing "a person familiar with Apple's plans." When the report surfaced many people doubted it. Even now they are not ready to believe the fact that Verizon iPhone will come. For them it is another rumor. To some extent they are right because users have been tired of hearing this story. But the proponents said this time there are mounting evidence that in 2011 Verizon iPhone will arrive. It would be interesting to see whether this happens this time. Users would be really thrilled with the New Years gift. Many of them are already readying themselves for this day. What will happen to AT&T witch whom Apple has an exclusive contract? This and other questions are being debated in the industry. The speculation is that Apple might have the device on both the carriers. There are other phone makers that have their device on more than one phone carrier. However, it would be something new for Apple and its die-hard users. The other option is that Verizons network will be running on CDMA. This facility is not available on AT&T. All eyes are on the CES.

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